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Athletic Department Mission Statement


All students interested in sports are encouraged to participate in athletics.  We believe that athletics teaches student-athletes responsibility, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our goal is to help young athletes learn how to develop these characteristics through sports. We want to mold them into individuals that will be successful on and off the court or playing field. Through the dedication and determination of our coaching staff, we are confident that our student-athletes will also be prepared for future endeavors beyond high school. We have the expectation that our young men and women will be productive and respectful citizens when they graduate Tierra Encantada Charter School.


Prerequisites to participate in Athletics at TECS

  1. A sports physical is required. It must be completed after April 1, 2021

  2. Students must follow NMAA Eligibility Requirements
  3. Athletes must have medical insurance, a requirement that can be satisfied in any of the following ways

All of the above-mentioned forms must be submitted to the Athletic Coordinator or Head Coach prior to any practice or competition by the student.


TECS offers:

          Boys Girls
Soccer (Varsity) Volleyball (7th-12th)
Basketball (Middle School) Basketball (Middle School)
Basketball (Varsity) Basketball (Varsity)
Wrestling (Varsity) Wrestling (Varsity)
Track (Varsity)
Track (Varsity)
Cheer (7-12)
Cheer (7-12)


Marcus Alarid - Athletics Coordinator / Soccer Coach / Track & Field


Samantha Sandoval-Lopez - Cheer Coach

Louis Thornton - Wrestling Coach

Mike Velarde - Volleyball Coach

Mike Velarde - Girls Basketball Coach

Tim Abeyta - Boys Basketball Coach

James Edwards - Middle School Boys Basketball Coach