TECS does not discriminate against any student based on race, gender, religious affiliation, national origin, ethnicity, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation. The school is nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, and employment practices.
REGISTRATION/ENROLLMENT Registration is completed or updated each year to ensure that all information is current on each student. All the following information is to be completed as part of the enrollment process. Failure to provide the required information may delay or result in a student not being officially enrolled at TECS, jeopardizing his/her place at our charter school where space is limited. Consequently, at the time of enrollment please provide the following completed forms:
Enrollment forms
Emergency information forms
Health/medical consent forms
Immunization records
Free and reduced lunch forms (if applicable)
Copy of birth certificate
Custody orders (if applicable)
Early Dismissal Release form
Home Language Survey
Please note that according to state law, all students must be in compliance with state immunization requirements, be in the process of receiving the immunization series, or meet exemption criteria before starting school. Exemptions are permitted for medical reasons or due to the conscientiously held beliefs of the parent/guardian. Proof of an exemption must be provided in lieu of immunizations records to be allowed to enroll. Once all applicable forms are completed and returned to the school, your student’s registration will be deemed completed and you will be notified when he/she is officially enrolled. Please contact the office as soon as possible with any change of address, contact information, emergency information, custody modification orders or phone numbers.
Any additional information please contact the front office (505)983-3337
TECS is currently accepting waiting list applicants. Please apply with the link below!