Márquez, English II-Period 4

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Discussion Questions: Chapters 11 and 12  in Google Classroom

Discussion Questions: Chapters 11 and 12

Chapter 11: Castle Rock
1. Describe in detail what happens when Jack and Ralph’s tribes come together in direct conflict.
2. What two major symbols are destroyed in this section of the novel?
3. What has happened to Ralph by the end of the chapter? How is this an ironic twist from the beginning of the novel? 

Chapter 12: Cry of the Hunters
1. Why has Jack set the jungle on fire in this chapter? What was the result of this action?
2. Describe the irony at the end of the novel. What ironic twists are evident as they boys are rescued by the naval officer?
3. Describe the boys’ reaction to being rescued? How do they react? How is this another ironic twist?


Lord of the Flies- Character Rough Draft in Google Classroom

Lord of the Flies- Character Rough Draft

LT: I can develop my character statement into a rough draft. 

Using the character statement you created about your assigned character, develop a rough draft (your final paper will be 5 paragraphs) about why your character is the most significant character in the text. You will want to incorporate evidence and citations from the text as well as analysis.