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Athletics Eligibility

New Mexico Activities Association Eligibility


1)   Use of Semester Grades Only – Scholastic Eligibility will be determined by semester grades (6-week marking period grades will no longer be used). BUT, if a student is deemed ineligible at semester, he/she will be able to gain eligibility at the next marking period.


2) NO F’s – A student must have a 2.0 GPA and NO F’s in order to be eligible to participate in activities/athletics. This is a change from the past where a student was allowed one F. Note that the cumulative provision can still be applied to gain eligibility.


3)   Summer Courses – Beginning in the summer of 2018, students may make-up multiple courses to attempt to gain eligibility. Note that the make-up course must be the same course & replace the original.


4)  Academic Probation -Under the NMAA 6.2.1(New Mexico Activities Association) Provision having a single “F”, student will be placed on Academic Probation under the direction/supervision of the School Director (This includes Dual Credit Enrollment as stated in Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Policy


**Stricter guidelines may be imposed by the school/district.


(Off-campus courses (ex., dual enrollment) count towards a student’s eligibility.)