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my name is Emanuel Verçosa Kaufman, and I believe in at least two kinds of powers:  








Money is great, it can solve a lot of problems. Money can give us a better and easier life, but at the same time, it cannot buy everything like real friends, real family, real love, happiness, or the ability to turn back time and correct our mistakes.


On the other hand, we have knowledge that after you acquire it, no one can take it from you. Life or other people can take many things from you, your house, your money, your health, and sometimes even worst, the people you love. However, people will not be able to take any knowledge from you. So, no matter how much money one person has, they will always require knowledge from others. Knowledge is power!


The critical question now is: How to be powerful enough in this life to live our best life and protect those we love?


In my mind, our world is changing so fast! For an entropic world, the world is already more complicated than one person by themselves can understand. I feel that the most significant gift I can give to students is teaching them how to learn things by themselves and how to manage their ever-growing knowledge.


We are entering the fourth industrial revolution, and we do not know exactly how many professions or businesses will disappear in the upcoming years. What we know for sure, that everything will change, from basic things like documents, banks, etc. up to relationships, culture, and so on. I think that we have already passed the age of information, we are now in the time those who learn fastest and best and can best manage this information will be the ones who succeed and survive.


In the past, people would start work and retire in the same company, having spent their entire career in one job. What we see today is that it is really hard for people to remain even a few years in one job, young people are changing their jobs easily as people change their clothes. I cannot be sure that the information I teach in my classes will be useful in the future, but if I teach the whole system behind the GAME OF THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE, my students will be able to adapt themselves to any kind of situation. They will also be able to adapt themselves to find one way to save and take care of themselves, to live a life with dignity, and have the opportunity to do something to improve their lives and the lives of people around them.


Now you can ask me: What about the money? I know that money will come for sure when you have a treasure in your brain called “information that other people need.”


Money is something that can suddenly disappear. For example, many lottery winners lose everything (millions of dollars) in only a few years. It is so easy to find many stories about lottery winners that have problems with depressions, suicide, drugs, and murders. Some of them are struggling with a life worse than before they won. Some of them have even said: “Winning the lottery was the worst thing that happened in my life”.


A lot of business owners have similar problems, struggling every day to survive in this “savage forest.” It is not uncommon to see an economist that in past earned millions, even billions of dollars and after some event lost everything and died by suicide.


There are at least three professions that are the most altruistic: doctors, firemen, and teachers. Every day these professionals wake up and think: how I can be better to help other people? Will I save someone’s life today? God, can you please give strength for one more day saving and helping people?


This is my life’s mission: to help my students to be better people by teaching them how to learn. I cannot teach my students everything in this life, even in math, and also it is hard to be right about everything, then if I teach them to learn how to learn, will be my biggest and values gift for them, something that worth much more them my yearly salary, something that maybe there is no price on that.


Now I am part of this wonderful and powerful team called TIERRA ENCANTADA CHARTER SCHOOL, and I am here to rewrite my agreement with the team: I will go the extra miles for our students so one day they will look back and feel sure that TECS was so important in their lives.


Thank you for your attention and time.


Emanuel Verçosa Kaufman



With over 16 years of intensive experience in hands-on, and successful teaching, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (plus teaching license) and a Master's degree in Math Education.


My career apex was to be responsible for the math sector of the Public Education Department in Rio de Janeiro, the biggest educational system in the Americas, with more than 640 thousand students, 40 thousand teachers, and 1570 schools. In this position, I had the opportunity to see the bigger picture of math education and details that are hard to achieve through only teaching inside the classroom. I got a practical overview of how math education works systematically, and at each grade level, and improved my ability to prepare material, activities, curriculum, tests, teachers training, and so on.


My biggest strength is having the knowledge and the ability to apply psychology in math learning, recognizing the difference between lack of knowledge from the student and some emotional issues. Through my experience in being a teacher of the whole secondary segment and university, I can see and apply exercises that are balanced and prevent students from feeling bored (with very easy exercises) or unmotivated (with exercises harder than they can handle). In other words, I can see exactly the activity to help the students to remain engaged, motivated, and challenged. This strength can be observed as I was chosen by students as the best and most friendly teacher from the classes by at least by one class, per school, per year.


"Students learn best when they feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe."